What Is Energy Healing

How Can It Benefit You?

Energy healing is an ancient practice that can promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This practice is based on the belief that our bodies are composed of energy, and our state of being is directly related to the flow of this energy. By using energy healing, you can restore balance and harmony in your body’s energy system.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

Energy healing works by using your body’s natural energies to restore balance in your life. During a session, the practitioner will use their hands to channel energy into specific areas of their body where there are imbalances or blockages. 

This helps clear away any negative energies that have become trapped in those areas so that positive energies can begin flowing freely. The goal is to leave feeling more relaxed and at peace with yourself and your environment.

Arcturian healing

Our Energy Healing Process is Safe & Powerful

We encourage clients to come in with an open mind so that they allow the energy of the universe to work through them during their sessions. Our process is safe, gentle yet powerful, and effective for providing optimum results for our client’s well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and beyond! 

Universal Soul Energy Healing provides an opportunity for deep healing at every level, with experienced practitioners passionate about helping others tap into their true potential. Through this unique form of healing, you’ll learn valuable tools for continuing your journey toward well-being on all levels long after your session ends!