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Truly expand the awareness deep within your Soul, with the support of the Universe and Source. Sean will help you find greater beauty and success in life by overcoming internal barriers and raising your vibration.




Meet Sean -

Reiki Master & Teacher, 

Metatronia Master & Teacher, Arturian Master, and  Tryambakam Healer



Tryambakam Energy Healing

Metatronia Energy Healing

Arcturian Healing


Entity Extraction

Home energy clearing  & blessing


Name Change based on Numerology 

Aura Reading

Palm Reading

Offerings and Trainings


Choose from a selection of healing services or  a Guru Mentorship with Sean.

  • Learn to meditate and be mindful

  • Attunements to clear and heal self via channeling

  • Attunements to help others

  • Learn how to raise your frequency

  • Learn to protect yourself from low frequency

  • Clear blockages in yourself, and see your life flourish


Min Soo P. - Hawaii

"I met Sean when he came to Hawaii in January of 2019 and my life has never been the same. We have been working together through his Guru Mentorship Program and there is no one like him...

Meeting Sean was mind blowing! Absolutely fucking mind blowing!!! He did his thing and I just sat in awe of his energy..."