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Universal Soul

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Find beauty and success in life by overcoming barriers, raising your vibration,

and coming back to your Self.




Meet Sean -

Reiki Master, 

Metatronia Master,

Arturian Master, and 

Tryambakam Healer



Tryambakam Energy Healing

Metatronia Energy Healing

Arcturian Healing


Entity Extraction

Dwelling energy clearing 

Dwelling blessing


Name Change based on Numerology 

Aura Reader

Palm Reader

Offerings and Trainings


Choose from a selection of healing services or  a Guru Mentorship with Sean.

  • Learn to meditate and be mindful

  • Attunements to clear and heal self via channeling

  • Attunements to help others

  • Learn how to raise your frequency

  • Learn to protect yourself from low frequency

  • Clear blockages in yourself, and see your life flourish


Bien M. - Vancouver, BC

"I am now (March 2019) almost 6 months into the biggest shift in my 42 years. Heightened Awareness is only one of the “superpowers” that get stronger each and every time I connect. The attunement to myself is akin to tuning the radio dial to the correct frequency to receive the beautiful music that has always been playing and you just finally found the right station...."