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Welcome! I am Baba

Light Guru
"My purpose is to assist those who truly seek the light"

Baba comes from a lineage of holy people on his mother's side of the family. Throughout his childhood, Baba remembers being connected to Source energy from a very young age. There were moments when he would see energies that others around him could not.

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His ability to read the energy blueprint of others is a gift, and sometimes came as a surprise un until he learned how to channel and share it with others.

As he grew through life, Baba experienced difficult moments of trauma and awakening which brought him even closer to Source and each time brought greater alignment with his natural abilities. Baba's greatest Teachers have been through Source and the Universe.

As an adult, Baba added to his energy abilities through acquiring certifications as Reiki Master & Teacher, Metatronia Master & Teacher, and Arcturian Master.​

While on a particular spiritual journey, Baba was guided by Source to develop a healing modality called Tryambakam Healing; this is a tool for healing energy channelled via the Third Eye. Using techniques from these modalities in addition to his guidance from Source and the Universe, Baba is a unique and gifted Healer.​

Baba's purpose in life is to assist in raising of vibration. His soul mission is to guide others on their path to spiritual liberation. Enabling their life purpose to flow through.