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Home Energy Clearing & Blessing is an ancient practice of restoring harmony and balance to your home. This powerful modality works with the energetic vibrations of living and non-living entities, harnessing their spirit and soul energy to create a sense of peace and completeness.

At Universal Soul Energy Healing, you will have a trusted expert to conduct the home energy clearing & blessing process. Therefore, with us by your side, you can expect the best result from the procedure. 

What Does The Home Energy Clearing & Blessing Process Involve?

At its most basic level, home energy clearing & blessing involves cleansing the home’s energy field from negative influences such as stagnant energy, harmful entities, or other stuck energies. These negative influences can be removed using various techniques by an experienced practitioner. 

Once cleared, the newly freed space creates a more balanced atmosphere conducive to improving overall well-being in the home. This includes physical health issues, mental clarity and focus, emotional balance, and harmony in relationships.

What Can You Expect From An Energy Clearing & Blessing Session From Us?

Universal Soul Energy Healing helps facilitate this process by tapping into higher frequencies of soul energy from all realms to infuse your home with powerful spiritual vibrations. The high-vibrational energy sourced for each session is tailor-made for each client according to their needs. This ensures that every person gets exactly what they need for maximum benefit.

During a session, the practitioner will work closely with you to identify any blocks or hindrances that may prevent optimal functionality in your home environment. He will draw upon your universal wisdom to determine which energetic tools are most suitable for helping you clear away any negative influences. 

Once the clearing has been completed, our practitioner will use his knowledge of spiritual laws. It’s to assist you in setting intentions that will help manifest more positive outcomes in your life while also taking advantage of its profound healing effects on both body and spirit.


The results of a home energy clearing & blessing are often felt immediately upon completion. However, it can vary depending on how quickly one can integrate and embody new energies moving through the space. Most people experience deeper sensations of calmness, peace, and joy while feeling renewed hope for manifesting their dreams into reality. 

In addition to these benefits, our clients have reported improved physical health, such as better sleep quality or increased vitality following a session, and enhanced creativity due to increased mental clarity and focus.

So, for anyone looking for ways to improve their personal environment to enhance overall well-being at home - Home Energy Clearing & Blessing can provide just what you need! With its ancient roots yet modern applications - it is sure to bring about dramatic improvements in any space it is administered!

Get in touch with Universal Soul Energy Healing for more information & get started with the process!


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