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Aura reading is an ancient practice that has been used as a tool for identifying and understanding one's energy. When done correctly, it can help bring about positive transformations in life. 

At Universal Soul Energy Healing, we offer aura readings that provide an in-depth look at your current energetic state and how it may affect your life in the present and future. Our experienced reader uses his clairvoyance, clairsentience (feeling), and clairaudience (hearing) to interpret your individual aura’s colors and shapes. He will also explain any negative blocks or resistance they see within your auric field that could be hindering progress in any area of your life.

What Is Aura Reading & What Can You Expect?

The aura is the invisible energy field surrounding every living thing, reflecting our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Reading the aura can be a powerful way to gain insight into ourselves and our lives and to gain clarity on how we interact with the world around us.

The process begins by having you relax comfortably while focusing on your breath. Your reader will ask you to imagine yourself standing inside a bright circle of light—the color and shape of this light will represent your current auric state which our reader will begin to interpret for you. 

As he does so, he may comment on certain areas of weakness or strength within your field and make suggestions for improvement to create greater harmony within yourself and with others. If deemed necessary, certain healing techniques may also be suggested to clear away any stagnant or harmful energies that might exist within your field.

In addition to providing insight into what's currently happening energetically within you, an aura reading from us can also lend guidance for the most effective steps to take toward achieving lofty goals or personal growth objectives, such as career advancement or better relationships. It can help point out any potential risks associated with taking certain actions so that you are better informed when making decisions about moving forward with them or not.

Aura Reading

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At Universal Soul Energy Healing, we are passionate about helping individuals tap into their innate healing powers so that they can create more joyous & balanced lives for themselves! Our goal is always to empower those who seek our services through their self-discovery journey 

We invite anyone looking for answers/guidance on their spiritual path towards living their best life possible to experience an Aura Reading Session with us!


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