Attunement for Healing Others

Powerful Attunement For Healing Others & Self-Healing

With decades of experience as a professional healer, Sean has become an expert in the art of attunement for healing others. He believes in the power of energy and how it's intertwined with our bodies and lives to create balance and well-being. Through his powerful attunement process, Sean can help you unblock any stagnant or negative energy that may be blocking your positive flow.

What Can You Expect From An Attunement Session From Universal Soul Energy Healing?

The first step to attunement is connecting with yourself and understanding what you seek from this practice. One of the benefits associated with Sean’s practice is that he works with sustainable healing - a process that helps you develop the skills needed to stay connected to your inner self. He encourages a balanced approach so that you can both receive and give back nurturing energies.

Once your mindset is aligned, Sean will begin performing his attunement process on you. This includes tapping into your body's energy field, connecting with its vibrations, clearing out any stuck energies, and restoring balance within your system. 

Depending on what needs addressing, some kind of physical contact may be involved, too, such as light massage or laying hands on particular areas of the body where stress or tension is stored. As part of the process, Sean might also use essential oils, crystals, meditative music, visualization techniques, or other methods to enhance the session even further.

The end result? A re-energized body, mind, and soul with energizing sensations all around! With newly opened channels for energy flow - physical flexibility returns, thoughts become clearer, and emotions stabilize - giving you an overall sense of well-being and peace.


Heal Yourself & Others With This Powerful Attunement

Attunement for healing others is a powerful program that can help individuals practice self-care while also learning how to provide support and healing to those around them. Through this attunement, gain access to ancient and sacred energy through a remote transmission that will enhance vibratory rates and awaken latent abilities. 

Furthermore, through this attunement, you can tap into the powerful healing energies of nature, activate chakras that may be blocked, and open channels with spiritual guidance to allow a conscious connection. So, immerse yourself in this attunement as you learn how to connect with your inner energy source and heal bonds within society with newfound knowledge and understanding.

If you're ready to take charge of your health both physically and mentally using energetic healing such as attunement, reach out to Sean to book an appointment for a profound journey into yourself! With his proprietary method for accessing blocked energies by combining ancient wisdom with modern science - he'll help empower you in ways.  


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