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Offerings and Trainings 

Vedic Chart

Receive a detailed traditional Hindu astrological chart about your personality, life circumstances and forecasted potential.

Investment $100


Energy Healing

We will sit down and get to know one another and see what course of action is necessary to get you moving optimally. We will conclude with an energy healing to balance you going forward and I will teach you how to be more mindful by showing you how to meditate.

    Investment $100/1 hour


Home Clearing and Blessing

I will come to your home and clear any heavy and negative energy followed by blessing you, your family and your home. Additional charges may apply for gas and mileage based on proximity.

  Investment $150/1 hour


Attunement for Ascenion and Self Healing 

(Level 1 pre-requisite for Guru Mentorship)

The attunement makes you more aware, or awake, in life. After the attunement you can expect blockages to be removed in your ascension process. Sean will teach you the ability to channel and heal yourself energetically - clear and balance chakras.

  Investment $250/1 hour

Attunement for Healing Others 

(Level 2 pre-requisite for Guru Mentorship)

This is the second level of attunement that is offered. With this attunement you will be able to spiritually heal and balance the chakras of anyone regardless of where they may be. A powerful tool that will easy to use with the simplest of instructions.

    Investment $250/1 hour

Guru Mentorship 

(Requisites: Level 1 and Level 2 Attunements)

Are you a seeker and can't seem to get any further? Are you ready to take your spirituality to the next level? If you answered YES to these questions then Sean will be that soul who takes your soul closer to the eternal universal soul aka God - Source. You will be attuned with the highest energy that will take you on a rocket ship straight to the aethers. You will be attuned with all of Sean's abilities, everything in his arsenal. You will be given a mantra to solidify your foundation. After 41 days of mantra, then you will receive a very strong and powerful secret Guru Mantra. This final Guru mantra will make you Guru after Sean has passed from the Earth plane. Until then, Sean is your Guru and will guide you from darkness to light. The Guru mantra is only to be used for good, or you will create negative karma.

Note: The Guru Mentorship is ONLY for the advanced seeker.

                Investment $1111.11