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Min Soo P.,


"I met Sean when he came to Hawaii in January of 2019 and my life has never been the same. We have been working together through his Guru Mentorship Program and there is no one like him.


In 2015, I was guided to learn about healing work and have spent the last four years dedicating my life to learning and healing. I have studied Reiki and sound healing modalities, am a RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, and a licensed massage therapist (MAT15963). My practice was very disciplined and my dedication/devotion to healing is my calling but I was stuck. I felt like I was at a plateau that I couldn't ascend from and it became very comfortable. I was pouring thousands of dollars into training with another teacher but something wasn't right. I kept getting sick (which I now understand was a psychic attack) and I didn't feel like I was learning anything new or ascending as I felt I should be.


Meeting Sean was mind blowing! Absolutely fucking mind blowing!!! He did his thing and I just sat in awe of his energy. The things he told me were things I knew but I couldn't quite believe because only one other person had ever seen me before and been able to tell me exactly who I was. Sean confirmed what the psychic told me and went even further, he offered me the opportunity to help me ascend. Working with Sean has been the most amazing experience of my life!


We work over distance since I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but when he sends me attunements, I feel like he is right here with me. His energy is amazing and I have stopped getting sick. My gifts grow stronger daily and over the last year, my ascension has been unbelievable. My life has transitioned so beautifully with his help. I am honored, forever grateful, and blessed to be able to call him my Guru."

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May G.

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications



The moment I met Sean, I immediately felt a kinship with him. His energy, intuitive insight and perspective have been helpful in navigating scenarios in my own life and in the flow of life overall. My approach to living is more grounded, anchored in a more empowered sense of self and a trust that all things unfold as they should. Thank you, Sean, for your consistent guidance but, most importantly, your friendship. You truly care about elevating others to their highest good and vibrational energy.


Bien M.,

Real Estate Advisor


I am now (March 2019) almost 6 months into the biggest shift in my 42 years. Heightened Awareness is only one of the “superpowers” that get stronger each and every time I connect. The attunement to myself is akin to tuning the radio dial to the correct frequency to receive the beautiful music that has always been playing and you just finally found the right station. As a result of being open and receptive to Indhair's teachings and guidance the doors AND windows of possibility have been blown wide open and I now have the inner power to choose actions to bring about change in the way I conduct my daily life.

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Vanessa R.

Registered Nurse


Sean has proven to me to be an accomplished spiritual advisor. The universe
brought him into my life when I most needed to recognize my time for true personal mastery. His guidance has not only changed my perception of life’s circumstances, his qualified methods have supported my inward journey and in finding my own mission. Sean’s genuine care for others is apparent in how he approaches his practice and the relationships he maintains. I highly recommend him to any that are ready to embark on their own path to enlightenment.


Tammy Majchrzak

Spiritual Teacher


Sean is a true light in this world. His heart and soul shine through when you are in his presence. His ability as a Light Guru and Spiritual Teacher will aide many on their journey of expansion, awakening and light liberation. I have known him for a few years and he is a very gifted and unique Teacher, whose Soul is as bright, captivating and eternal as the Sun!